The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book IV: Summary and Analysis


Book IV: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Alcithoe: a girl who, with her sisters, refuses to worship Bacchus, the god of wine and ecstasy (also known as Dionysus)

Pyramus: lovers of Thisbe

Thisbe: Babylonian girl, who is the lover of Pyramus

Leuconoe: sister of Alcithoe; tells the story of Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus: divine lovers, (the god of war and the goddess of love), they are snared by Vulcan’s net

Leucothoe: daughter of Eurynome; dazzled, seduced and abandoned by Apollo, but still longing for him, then buried alive by her father

Eurynome: mother of Leucothoe

Clytie: enamored of Apollo, who despises her, she turns into a flower and daily turns to face...

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