The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book II: Summary and Analysis


Book II: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Vulcan (Hephaestus in Greek): god of fire and metalworking; son of Juno, husband of Venus

The Sun-God: another name for Apollo or Phoebus; father of Phaethon with Clymene

Lucifer: the morning star

Phaethusa and Lamperia: sisters of ill-fated Phaethon

Cygnus: king of Liguria; turned into a swan and placed among the stars

Callisto: an Arcadian nymph, seduced by love, and turned into a bear by Diana, goddess of the moon and goddess of the hunt. (She is not named here, but her story was known during Ovid’s time.)

Arcas: son of Caillisto, by Jove

Thetis: a sea nymph, daughter of Neresu and Doris; wife of Peleus; mother of...

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