The Merchant of Venice Act III, Scenes 1-5: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scenes 1-5: Summary and Analysis

Act III, Scene 1
New Character:
Tubal: a Jewish friend of Shylock

In Venice, Salerio and Solanio discuss Antonio’s financial state. Salerio has received confirmation that one of Antonio’s merchant vessels was wrecked in the English channel. As the two lament this ill news, Shylock enters. He is bitter with both men for their knowledge of Jessica’s elopement before the fact, but they simply mock him in return. The conversation turns to Antonio, on whom Shylock is intent on wreaking his revenge according to the terms of the bond. Salerio asks Shylock what good a pound of Antonio’s flesh will do him, but Shylock dismisses this line of questioning as irrelevant. He is...

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