The Merchant of Venice Act II, Scenes 1-9: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act II, Scenes 1-9: Summary and Analysis

Act II, Scene 1
New Character:
Morocco: an African prince, suitor to Portia

The Prince of Morocco arrives at Portia’s house in Belmont, seeking her hand in marriage. He asks Portia to disregard their racial difference and judge him instead by his personal merits. Portia reminds Morocco that the choice is not hers to make; he, like the other suitors, must face her father’s challenge of the three caskets. She assures him, however, that she regards him “as fair/ As any comer [she has] looked on yet/ For [her] affection” (lines 20-22). Morocco laments that, in spite of his valor, mere chance may deprive him of Portia. Portia refers him to the terms of her father’s will,...

(The entire section is 3065 words.)