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Menaechmus of Epidamnum

Menaechmus of Epidamnum (meh-NEEK-muhs of eh-pih-DAM-nuhm), an identical twin. When Menaechmus was a child, Moschus, his father, had taken him to Tarentum on a trading expedition. After the boy wandered away from his father and became lost, he was found and adopted by a citizen of Epidamnum, a city in Asia Minor noted for its sinfulness. By the time the play opens, Menaechmus has married and inherited his foster father’s considerable estate. He also has taken up with a courtesan, Erotium. He gives her a robe he has stolen from his wife’s closet.

Menaechmus Sosicles

Menaechmus Sosicles (SOS-ih-kleez), the other twin. Proud, witty, and hot-tempered like his brother, Sosicles comes to Epidamnum searching for his long-lost brother. His appearance in the city precipitates a series of comic encounters based on mistaken identity. At last, the two Menaechmi come face to face, and there is a happy reunion. Menaechmus of Epidamnum agrees to sell all his goods, including his wife, and return to Sicily with his brother.


Messenio (meh-SEE-nee-oh), Sosicles’ servant. Messenio does everything faithfully and well because he dislikes being beaten. He rescues Menaechmus, whom he mistakes for his master, from four servants who are carrying him off....

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