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Memory of Fire, Volume 3 by Eduardo Galeano is the final part of the Memory of Fire trilogy. The trilogy, and particularly this book, explores the tense political dynamics of Latin America and the United States. While the book is technically a work of history studies, Galeano's style of prose reads like a novel. Another prominent theme in the book and throughout the trilogy is the tension between colonialist political forces and the indigenous lands of Latin American peoples.

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For instance, Galeano chronicles the revolutionary initiatives of Emiliano Zapata and Fidel Castro. Galeano also explores the unethical political and military actions of the Reagan administration in Central and South America, particularly those spearheaded by the CIA.

One could argue that the main theme of the trilogy is the re-education of the American people—as well as those outside of the United States—on the true history of Latin America. The Memory of Fire trilogy has an added authoritativeness because Galeano is from Uruguay who knew many political activists and politically-conscious writers.

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