Memories, Dreams, Reflections

by Carl Jung

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections (German: Erinnerungen, Träume, Gedanken) is a biographical, psychological, and semi-autobiographical book written by famed Swiss psychiatrist, psychologist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung and his colleague and editor Anelia Jaffé. It was originally published in German, in 1962, and it was translated and published in English in 1963. The book focuses on Jung’s life, describing his childhood, his adolescence, his adulthood, and his career, and it is an analysis of itself on Jung’s psyche and emotional state. It is considered the last book written by Jung, as he continued working on it until shortly before his death in 1961.

Jung was complimented on his bold decision to not make Memories, Dreams, Reflections a conventional autobiography, but make it a chronological explanation of his life story instead, choosing to focus on his work ethic and his passion for his profession, provide great insight into his mind, and explain many of his revolutionary theories and ideas about the abstract and the unknown. He takes the readers on an intellectual and emotional journey in which he explains how he became interested in the systematic studies of psychology and psychoanalysis, telling his story from two perspectives: as a man and as a scientist. Jung and Jaffé don’t make the memoir a study on Jungian philosophy; instead, they give the readers an opportunity to dwell deeply into the mind of one of psychology’s most prominent men and explore the most significant moments of his life.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections received many positive reviews, both by professional critiques and readers alike, and earned the academic approval of Jung’s colleagues and fellows psychologists. It was praised for its honest, raw, thought-provoking, captivating, and almost spiritual narrative, and Jung’s and Jaffé’s unique and original writing styles. You can find the full version of Memories, Dreams, Reflections here.

Carl Jung remains to be one of the world’s greatest and most influential scientists in the field of psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis and one of the greatest minds of the last century.

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