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Characters Discussed

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Miss M.

Miss M., a pretty midget. Reared in seclusion, she first goes into the world after her parents die, when she is eighteen years old. She finds that some people accept her as a person and that others look upon her as a mere curiosity. In financial straits, she hires herself out to a circus and has several unfortunate experiences. Through a legacy, she finally becomes financially independent and settles down with Mrs. Bowater as her housekeeper. One night, she disappears mysteriously and is never seen again.

Mrs. Monnerie

Mrs. Monnerie, a wealthy woman who becomes Miss M.’s patroness. She treats the midget like a little child and, when her use for the midget is over, discards the tiny girl for a new favorite. She gives Miss M. the nickname of Midgetina.

Mrs. Bowater

Mrs. Bowater, Miss M.’s erstwhile landlady. A stern woman, she nevertheless shows great affection for the midget. When Miss M. gains financial independence, Mrs. Bowater becomes her housekeeper.

Mr. Anon

Mr. Anon, a dwarf. He becomes Miss M.’s friend and falls in love with her. To save her embarrassment before her friends and acquaintances, he takes her place in a pony-riding act and is mortally injured by a fall from a pony.

Fanny Bowater

Fanny Bowater, Mrs. Bowater’s daughter and for a time Miss M.’s friend. Becoming a favorite of Mrs. Monnerie, she replaces Miss M.

Lady Pollacke

Lady Pollacke, a true friend of Miss M. She tries to help the midget find a place for herself in the world.

Sir Walter Pollacke

Sir Walter Pollacke, Lady Pollacke’s husband. Like his wife, he tries to help the midget. He becomes her guardian and financial adviser.

Percy Maudlen

Percy Maudlen, a languid, ill-mannered young man, Mrs. Monnerie’s nephew. Miss M. dislikes him.

Susan Monnerie

Susan Monnerie, a niece of Mrs. Monnerie. She is a friend to Miss M.

Lord B.

Lord B., Mrs. Monnerie’s father.

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