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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Colston family members are the primary characters of Memento Mori. The Colston family is made up of a married couple, Godfrey and Charmian Colston, and their adult son, Eric. Charmian publishes under the name "Chairmian Piper." There is also Lettie Colston, Godfrey’s sister. Other characters have romantic, personal, and professional relationships with the family.

Godfrey Colston

Godfrey Colston was the chairman of Colston Breweries. Now retired, much of his concern is for his wife, Charmian, and her recovery from a stroke. He attempts to conceal a past affair with Lisa Brooke, which his housekeeper, Mrs. Pettigrew, threatens to reveal.

Charmian Colston

Charmian Colston, Godfrey’s wife, became well known as the novelist Charmian Piper. Among the consequences of the stroke she suffered is dementia, and she needs round-the-clock care. While married, Charmian had a long-term affair with Guy Leet. As she recovers from the stroke, she ultimately leaves Godfrey.

Lettie Colston

Lettie Colston, Godfrey’s older sister, assists her brother in caring for Charmian but resents the arrangement. Lettie previously had a service career in prison reform. After Lettie begins to receive mysterious phone calls with death threats, she learns that others are receiving them as well. Increasingly terrified, Lettie shuts herself in her home, where an intruder robs and kills her.

Jean Taylor

Jean Taylor, Charmian’s former companion, is a single woman with severe arthritis who lives in a long-term care facility. Jean also receives the mysterious calls.

Mabel Pettigrew

Mabel Pettigrew, the Colston family’s housekeeper, is a vicious extortionist. One of her schemes pays off and allows her to retire.

Guy Leet

Guy Leet, a poet, is Charmian’s former lover and was apparently married to Lisa Brooke, Godfrey’s lover, but later learns she was already married.

Henry Mortimer

Henry Mortimer, a retired police inspector, both investigates the mysterious calls and receives them himself.

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