Melvin Berger William J. Murray - Essay

William J. Murray

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Tools of Modern Biology] is principally a history of the development of the methods (Intellectual Tools) and instruments that have contributed to the growth and development of the Modern Biological Body of Knowledge. It is made more interesting by the fact that the works of some of the major researchers in the field are cited throughout.

Perhaps the most important contribution that this book offers to the reader is that it gives him meaningful insights into scientific process and method and a better understanding of the men who are engaged in scientific endeavors….

The scientific "Truth" is only as good as the methods and instruments employed and the data which support them. This point is so well made by the author's development of his subject that this alone is enough to recommend the book….

His treatment of the scientific method is one of the best yet for real insight and understanding. His treatment of Biometrics demonstrates his skill at taking a fairly complicated topic and making it simple and quite understandable for the average reader.

The author's chapters on the use of various scientific instruments such as light and electron microscopes, radioactive tracers and others are excellent. (p. 296)

William J. Murray, in Best Sellers (copyright 1970, by the University of Scranton), October 15, 1970.


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