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Such books as [Erik] Bergaust's Oceanographers in Action … and [Charles] Coombs's Deep-Sea World: the Story of Oceanography … cover the techniques, tools, and projects of ocean scientists, but [Oceanography Lab] is unique in describing the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)…. [This is a] generally well-conceived and well-executed presentation. (p. 2190)

Leone R. Hemenway, in Library Journal (reprinted from Library Journal, July, 1973; published by R. R. Bowker Co. (a Xerox company); copyright © 1973 by Xerox Corporation), July, 1973.

[Pollution Lab] … or how "today's pollution scientists strive to make the world a cleaner and more healthful place for us to live." Dedicated to "the men and women of the Environmental Protection Agency," this is an establishment-oriented guided tour through field stations and laboratories involved in monitoring air and water quality, researching solid waste control and recovery of resources, operating a sewage disposal plant, gathering evidence for an EPA sewage pollution suit, or trying out the many "promising methods" for dealing with oil and other spills…. [As] in his other Scientists at Work books [Berger's] sentences are often blandly unsubtantial (the obvious introductory pronouncement that as world population multiplied and technology developed, "scientists were called in to lead the fight against pollution" doesn't even pose the questions of who called them in, where the barricades are, or how scientists "lead") and in the same indifferent manner the photos of technicians at work show us what their machines and devices look like from the outside but don't reveal what they are for or how they work. (p. 537)

Kirkus Reviews (copyright © 1974 The Kirkus Service, Inc.), May 15, 1974.

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