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Daphne Ann Hamilton

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[Melvin and Gilda Berger] have produced a low-key but highly informational book which should fill in a blank spot in most children's collections…. [The New Food Book: Nutrition Diet, Consumer Tips, and Foods of the Future] strikes a good balance between the traditional and health food viewpoints, avoiding both textbook dullness and over-enthusiastic proselytising. The authors don't hesitate to give the claims on both sides of an argument and leave the conclusion to further investigation by scientists, and … the reader. Very simple experiments illustrating a number of "food facts" are scattered throughout the book, smoothly merging into the text; they might provide some different science fair projects. Broader based than most books on this subject, this readable, well-organized, and informative introduction deserves a larger readership than it will probably get. (p. 5)

Daphne Ann Hamilton, in Appraisal (copyright © 1979 by the Children's Science Book Review Committee), Winter, 1979.

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