How does media change take place?

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Setting aside for a moment advances in technology, media changes when worldviews change.  For example, a world economy has caused media to include world financial news in its coverage.  Again, if political differences erupt into violent action, media will cover the details more thoroughly, because of the assumption that physical action is more newsworthy than intellectual disputes, and more visually and audibly reportable.  As for media changes in target audiences, such shifts as monetary strength in a young demographic will make media such as film change their focus—today, for example, practically the only target audiences for Hollywood are 14-18 or 18-30.  Music as a medium is affected by the rise in touring concerts in large venues.  Speaking from a technology view, of course, media changes as innovations are perfected: Radio gave way to Television, which is giving way to the Internet, and so forth.  Changing social mores, especially sexual attitudes, will change media’s standards of allowable content.  Social media, a new field, is swiftly being taken over by commercial intersts--being "friends" with Walmart is a little ironic, to say the least. Finally, the amount of time audiences have to give media changes media’s rhythms—a brief flash of a news item, or even a streamed text, may be all the time the potential viewership will spare.

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