Medea Overview Quiz

Murder, mayhem…and motherhood?! Think you know the ins and outs of Euripides's Greek tragedy about the ultimate scorned woman? Take the Medea Quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains ten questions on the twisted vengeance of the barbarian princess.

  1. What is Medea's rationale for killing the children?

  2. What action does Creon take against Medea?

  3. What does Jason offer in an attempt to appease Medea?

  4. Why does Jason say he married the princess?

  5. What does Medea ask of Aegeus, in exchange for her spell to reverse his childlessness?

  6. For what does Medea beg Creon?

  7. Where does the Nurse fear Medea will direct her rage?

  8. What has Jason done that so enrages Medea?

  9. Which of the following did Medea NOT do for the love of Jason?

  10. What sacrifice for Jason had Medea made in the past?