How do you relate to a character in a work of literature, share their traits, and justify their controversial statements while disagreeing with others?

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Break it down before you get started. Making an outline is always helpful. The first thing you have to do is choose your character. Think about the things you have read--is there a character that you strongly related to? Has there been a character that you have "rooted for" as you were reading? Has there been a character that has reminded you of yourself?

Once you have chosen your character, you need to choose two instances from the work illustrating choices the character has made or a specific action. One will be a decision that you agree with--explain why you agree with this decision. One will be a decision you disagree with--explain what you would have done differently.

Your thesis paragraph (the first paragraph of your paper) should indicate a few things. It should identify the character you are discussing and the work the character is from. It should also introduce the ideas you will be talking about in your paper in terms of the moments of the work you have chosen to look at. The body of your paper should explore these moments in detail.

It sounds like a personal opinion paper, so you can probably use the word "I"--but I would check with the instructor on that before you start writing.

Good luck and have fun! This sounds like it could be a fun assignment.

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