Medea and Electra Third Episode: Medea and Aegeus Questions and Answers


Third Episode: Medea and Aegeus Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is the Athenian king Aegeus in Corinth?

2. How does Aegeus greet Medea?

3. When Aegeus first learns of Medea’s situation, he tells her simply to forget Jason. What causes him to re–evaluate?

4. What does Medea ask of Aegeus?

5. What two reasons does Aegeus give for wishing to help Medea?

6. What does Medea plan to say to Jason when next she sees him?

7. What are the gifts Medea plans to send the bride?

8. Who is to deliver these gifts to the princess?

9. What does Medea say is the way to earn respect in Greece?

10. When the Chorus first tries to dissuade Medea from killing her children, why does she tell them it’s necessary that she do so?

1. He has just been to the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, seeking a cure for his childlessness.

2. Aegeus greets Medea with a wish for happiness, as befitting a friend.

3. Aegeus seems to take more seriously the fact that Jason’s lust is not simply for another woman, but for the power of a royal marriage.

4. Medea desires Aegeus’ royal protection once she arrives in Athens.

5. First, he wishes to help her because he believes it would please the gods to do so. Second, he wishes to take advantage of her promise to cure his problem in reward for his aid.

6. Medea plans to tell him she wishes to reconcile with him, for the best interests of everyone. Further, she will ask that the children be allowed to stay in Corinth with him.

7. Medea plans to present the princess with a poisoned robe and wreath, or crown, which will cause her and anyone who touches her in them to die.

8. The children are to bring them to the princess as a gesture of Medea’s reconciliation.

9. Respect is earned by being “gentle to friends, implacable to foes.”

10. Medea claims that killing her children is the way to hurt Jason most.