Medea and Electra Second Episode: Medea and Jason Questions and Answers


Second Episode: Medea and Jason Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Jason tell Medea she should count herself lucky to have received only exile?

2. What does Medea call the “worst disease of human minds”?

3. How does the fact that they have had children together enter into Medea’s argument?

4. Whom does Jason credit with the rescue of the Argonauts?

5. Why does Jason say Medea got more than she gave in the story of their time together?

6. What is Jason’s justification for deciding to marry the Corinthian princess?

7. What is the point Medea uses effectively to destroy the “surface logic” of Jason’s plans?

8. What does Medea suspect is really the motivation for this marriage?

9. Why does Medea refuse Jason’s offer of help?

10. What are two themes covered in the choral ode which ends this episode?

1. According to Jason, Medea has repeatedly cursed the king, an act of treason which could have resulted in death.

2. The “worst disease of human minds,” to Medea, is “having a blank where shame should be,” by which she refers to Jason’s arrogance in facing her after betraying her.

3. Medea claims that she could have forgiven Jason’s wandering if they had been childless, but as it is, he has broken faith with the children as well.

4. Jason credits Aphrodite, and only Aphrodite, with saving that...

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