Medea and Electra Fourth Episode: Medea and Jason Questions and Answers


Fourth Episode: Medea and Jason Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are three examples of Medea’s false self–reproaching in her opening speech to Jason?

2. What motivates Medea’s first bout of weeping?

3. Why does Jason say he doesn’t blame Medea for her angrier moods?

4. Does Jason give any evidence that he has considered keeping the children in Corinth with him?

5. What motivates Medea’s second round of tears?

6. What is the real reason that Medea asks that the children be allowed to stay?

7. How has Medea come by the gifts of the robe and wreath?

8. When Jason balks at Medea’s disposal of her inheritance, how does she convince him to take it?

9. What are Medea’s instructions to the children?

10. In the choral ode which ends this episode, who does the Chorus seem to blame for the coming destruction, and why?

1. Medea berates herself for her stubbornness in not acting on Jason’s good advice. She blames her inability to curb her temper for her short–sightedness; and she admits she was acting childishly out of womanly frailty.

2. Medea is moved to tears by the act of handing her children over to Jason.

3. He says it’s natural for a woman to be angry when her husband takes a new wife.

4. No, it is apparent from his first response to Medea that Jason does not anticipate seeing the boys again until they are...

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