Medea and Electra Final Episode and Exodos Questions and Answers


Final Episode and Exodos Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why have the Dioskouroi (Castor and Polydeukes) appeared at the farmhouse?

2. Who will protect Orestes from the hounding goddesses of doom?

3. Where will Orestes’ trial take place?

4. How will the court decide on the matter of Orestes’ matricide, and why?

5. Where will Orestes then live out his days?

6. What is to become of Electra?

7. What will be the fate of the Farmer, and the bodies of Clytemnestra and Aigisthos?

8. With what two questions does Electra challenge divine wisdom?

9. What does the Chorus see that makes them warn Orestes to run toward Athens?

10. Where are the Dioskouroi bound as they exit the scene?

1. Having witnessed the “sacrifice” of Clytemnestra, they are there to prophesy the fate of Electra and Orestes.

2. Pallas Athena, the patron deity of Athens, will provide her protection.

3. Orestes will be tried in court on the hill of Ares, nearby to Athens.

4. Castor suggests that it will be an even vote, and that because Apollo will take responsibility Orestes will be acquitted.

5. Orestes will found a new city near the river of Arkadia.

6. Electra is to marry Pylades, and live with him in his city.

7. The Farmer will accompany Electra and Pylades, and be rewarded with “wealth beyond his dreams.” Clytemnestra and Aigisthos are to be given decent burials in their native land.

8. She first asks why the demi–gods did not come to the aid of their sister Clytemnestra. Next she asks how Apollo’s orders bear on her own guilt.

9. They see the goddesses of doom in hot pursuit of him, “black flesh and snake–hands coiling/round a fruit of agonizing pain.”

10. Castor and Polydeukes, as patrons of sailors at sea, are off to protect the ships in the high seas off Sicily.