Medea and Electra Medea, Prologue and Parados Questions and Answers
by Euripides

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Medea, Prologue and Parados Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does the action of the prologue and parados take place?

2. What is Medea’s homeland?

3. List three crimes Medea has committed on Jason’s behalf.

4. How long have Medea and her family been exiled in Corinth?

5. What has Jason done to cause Medea such pain?

6. Who is to be banished by Creon’s orders?

7. What does the Nurse think Jason will do about the banishment?

8. Why do the Nurse, Tutor, Chorus and Medea herself think Jason has left her?

9. Where is Medea during the opening moments of the play?

10. What is the Chorus’s reaction to Medea’s grief?

1. The action takes place outside a palace near Corinth.

2. Medea is a native of Colchis.

3. She betrayed her father, killed her brother, and tricked the daughters of King Pelias into killing their father.

4. Medea and her family have been living in Corinth a matter of some years: the Chorus refers to having known her over the years, but her children are still young.

5. Jason has decided to marry the daughter of the king of Corinth, thus abandoning Medea to the status of a woman with no male protection or rights.

6. Medea and her children are to be banished, according to the rumors of Creon’s orders.

7. The Nurse believes Jason will never consent to his children being banished. This later proves untrue.

8. The characters all seem to believe that Jason has tired of Medea, and is looking for a “change of bed.”

9. Medea has locked herself in her rooms at her palace.

10. The Chorus sympathizes with Medea against Jason, and wants to comfort her before she hurts herself or others.