Medea and Electra Characters


List of Characters

Master List of Characters - Medea
Tutor—Servant of Medea, minder of her two children.

Nurse—Servant of Medea.

Chorus—Corinthian women.

Medea—Native of Colchis, granddaughter of the sun god, wife of Jason; regarded as a sort of sorceress.

Creon—King of Corinth, Jason’s new father–in–law.

Jason—Leader of the Argonauts, now in exile in Corinth, where he is about to marry the daughter of Creon.

Aegeus—King of Athens.

Messenger—One of Jason’s servants.

Two children—Medea’s and Jason’s young boys.

Master List of Characters - Electra
Farmer—Electra’s husband.

Electra—Daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, sister of Orestes.

Orestes—Electra’s brother.

Pylades—Orestes’ friend and son of Orestes’ protector Strophios.

Chorus—Young, single peasant women from the rural area where Electra and her husband live.

Old Man—Former tutor of Agamemnon.

Messenger—Servant of Orestes.

Clytemnestra—Widow/murderess of Agamemnon; mother of Electra and Orestes.

Dioskouroi—Demi–gods Castor and Polydeukes, sons of Zeus and half–brothers of Clytemnestra.

Others—Farmer’s servants, attendants to Orestes and Pylades, Trojan slave women attending Clytemnestra.