Medea and Electra Final Episode and Exodos Summary and Analysis


Final Episode and Exodos Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Castor and Polydeukes: twin demi–gods, sons of Zeus and half–brothers of Clytemnestra

The Dioskouroi, Castor and Polydeukes, appear as shining stars on the roof of the farmhouse, and announce they have come on Zeus’ orders to pronounce a sort of sentence on Orestes and Electra for their “unjust act.” Electra is to marry Pylades, forfeiting her inheritance and leaving Argos forever. Her Farmer husband is to accompany them, and Pylades to reward him handsomely for his kindness.

Orestes, too, is bound to exile, but first he must travel to Athens to stand trial for the murder. There, the demi–gods predict, the goddess Pallas Athena will protect...

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