Medea and Electra Final Episode and Exodos Summary and Analysis (Euripides)


Final Episode and Exodos Summary and Analysis

Off–stage the cries of the children are heard as they try to no avail to escape their mother’s sword. Jason enters in haste from the royal palace, seeking to rescue his sons from the wrath of the Corinthians. From the Chorus, he learns the awful truth.

In despair, he rushes the palace doors, but Medea has already drawn her divine chariot up to its roof, bearing in it the bodies of the two boys. (The chariot had been given to her by the sun god, for her protection, and Jason cannot touch her while she is in it.) To Jason’s long string of curses at what she has done, she replies only that the gods have been witness to the deeds he’s done that have merited this revenge.

What follows...

(The entire section is 826 words.)