(Shakespeare for Students)

Northrop Frye
[Frye uses the title of Measure for Measure to organize his essay around some fundamental...

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Gender Roles and Sexuality

(Shakespeare for Students)

Engraving from Galerie des Personnages de Shakespeare (1844) Published by Gale Cengage

David Sundelson
[Sundelson focuses on the male characters' insecurity regarding their masculinity in Measure...

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Justice and Mercy

(Shakespeare for Students)

Frank Corrado as the Duke Published by Gale Cengage

Linda Anderson
[In this excerpt from her study of the pervasiveness of revenge "as a useful social instrument in...

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(Shakespeare for Students)

Abhorson, Pompey, and Provost Published by Gale Cengage

Anthony Caputi
[Caputi argues against the idea that an "ethical pattern" or set of rival themes such as justice,...

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(Shakespeare for Students)

Leo Kirschbaum
[Kirschbaum suggests that the change in the structure of Measure for Measure is the result...

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Duke Vincentio

(Shakespeare for Students)

The 'bed trick' in San Jose State Univesity production (1997) Published by Gale Cengage

William A. Freedman
[Freedman refutes the commonly held view of the Duke as inconsistent and inhuman, countering...

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(Shakespeare for Students)

Varrius, lords, Angelo, Escalus, Lucio, citizens, Peter, Mariana, and Provost Published by Gale Cengage

Amy Lechter-Siegel
[Lechter-Siegel observes that scholarly assessments of Isabella as morally rigid and therefore...

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