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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

McTeague is an 1899 novel by Frank Norris. The characters are:

McTeague (Mac) - The protagonist. A violent, slow-witted man who works as an unlicensed dentist.

Marcus Schouler - McTeague's friend and neighbor. He betrays McTeague by reporting him for practicing without a license. McTeague eventually kills him in a fight, only to die himself shortly afterwards.

Trina Sieppe - McTeague's wife, at one point the fiancee of Marcus. Mistreated by McTeague, her only pleasure comes from counting her money.

Grannis - An elderly English book keeper who takes comfort from the sounds of his neighbor's tea tray.

Miss Parker - A dress maker who lives next door to Grannis. The two later marry.

Zerkov - A dealer in junk.

Maria Macapa - A maid who works for Zerkov and later marries him.

Papa and Mamma Sieppe - Trina's parents.

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