Mazisi Kunene Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Alvarez-Pereyre, Jacques. "Vernacular Poetry." In his The Poetry of Commitment in South Africa, translated by Clive Wake, pp. 117-29. London: Heinemann, 1984.

Overview of "the tradition of black protest poetry in South Africa which was first to express itself in the vernacular languages and then, without exhausting itself in this form, in English also." The critic provides commentary on such South African Xhosa and Zulu poets as Kunene, S. E. Q. Mqhayi, and Benedict W. Vilakazi.

Igwe, B. Ezuma. "Three African Poets: A Critical Review." In New African Literature and the Arts, Volume 3, edited by Joseph Okpaku, pp. 224-34. New York: The Third Press, 1973.

Comparative review of Zulu Poems by Kunene, Night of My Blood by Kofi Awoonor, and A Reed in the Tide: A Selection of Poems by J. P. Clark. Igwe concludes: "These three are in the tradition of the best poets from Africa."


Luchembe, Chipasha. "An Interview with Mazisi Kunene on African Philosophy." Ufahamu: Journal of the African Activist Association 7, No. 2 (1977): 3-27.

Relates Kunene's views on various topics, including African philosophy, particularly the role of the individual in African society, the impact of Christianity and Islam on African thought, and African views on life and death.