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Adams, Phoebe. Review of The Night of Long Knives, by Max Gallo. Atlantic Monthly 230, No. 2 (August 1972): 92.

Favorably assesses The Night of Long Knives.

Gough, Hugh. "Genocide and the Bicentenary: The French Revolution and the Revenge of the Vendée." The Historical Journal 30, No. 4 (December 1987): 977-88.

Reviews Gallo's Lettre ouverte á Maximilien Robespierre sur les nouveaux muscadins and other books, reflecting on the French Revolution in its bicentenary year.

Rosselli, John. "Italian Centaur." The Listener 91, No. 2343 (21 February 1974): 247.

Favorably assesses Mussolini's Italy.

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