Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)


*London. Great Britain’s capital city, in which Maurice Hall grows up and works. His suburban house is “near London, in a comfortable villa among some pines.” The location may well be southwest of London in Weybridge, in Surrey, where Forster lived with his mother from 1904 to 1924. Surrey is also the location of Windy Corner, the home of the Honeychurches in A Room with a View (1908). London suburbs are growing rapidly in the early twentieth century, particularly in middle-class detached houses. Mr. Hall is able to commute easily by train to his job in the city, as Maurice will do after him. As Forster says, Maurice’s suburban surroundings are exasperating in their very normality. Maurice works in the area of London known simply as the City, which is the oldest part of London and its financial center. The offices of Hill and Hall are here, and this location stands in stark contrast to Cambridge and even suburbia. The values of the City are symbolized by money, and it is no accident that Maurice and Clive’s relationship suffers once they leave Cambridge and that Maurice and Alec have trouble making a connection in the City and in the British Museum, that warehouse of empire.


*Cambridge. City north of London that is the home of Cambridge University, one of England’s two great “ancient universities.” In the early twentieth century, the city had a mix of medieval and classical...

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