Maurice (Gough) Gee Fleur Adcock - Essay

Fleur Adcock

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Sole Survivor] is the final novel in a New Zealand trilogy which began with Plumb, the story of a fierce and egotistical nonconformist minister turned heretic, socialist and pacifist. The second book, Meg, took the family saga forward into the 1960s using the gentler, more tentative voice of George Plumb's favourite daughter. The eponymous narrator of Sole Survivor is her son Raymond Sole…. We watch his progress from boyhood through a shy adolescence haunted by unpredictable erections … and the label "creepy", to middle age as a respected journalist, "ex-puritan and ex-family-freak", temporarily beached in sunny rural isolation with his ex-hippy daughter.

But the...

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