Maurice Blanchot Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Blegen, John. “Writing the Question: About Maurice Blanchot.” Diacritics 2, No. 2 (1972): 13-7.

Discusses Blanchot's fiction and theoretical writings in a review of Collin Francoise's Maurice Blanchot et la question de l'écriture, a critical study of Blanchot's work.

Bruns, Gerald L. Maurice Blanchot: The Refusal of Philosophy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997, 339 p.

A book-length critical study of Blanchot's major writings.

Cixous, Hélène. Readings: The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kafka, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva, edited and translated by...

(The entire section is 528 words.)