(Maureen) Mollie Hunter (McIlwraith)

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Margery Fisher

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For Mollie Hunter, place is as important as people and causes. In The Ghosts of Glencoe she draws an almost unbearably vivid setting for the massacre of 1692—a brutal tale told in a forth-right way. The Campbell's attack on the Macdonalds was for revenge, wrap it up in what political arguments they would; this is her interpretation of the facts, and she has gone back to contemporary documents, army papers among them, for support…. [Ensign Robert] Stewart is one of the heroes of the book and the very pivot of the plot: the old chief of the Glencoe Macdonalds dominates by his personality: but it is not fanciful, nor need it diminish the power of this excellent writer, to say that the spirit of old Scotland presides. (pp. 834-35)

Margery Fisher, "Conspiracy," in her Growing Point, Vol. 5, No. 7, January, 1967, pp. 834-35.∗

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