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John Signoriello

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[In The Lothian Run, sixteen]-year-old Sandy Maxwell, a bored and restless apprentice in a law office in Edinburgh, Scotland in the early 18th Century, is afforded an opportunity to escape the stifling confines of his employer's deed room when he is asked to help a customs agent track down a smuggler who managed to escape from captivity just seconds before he was scheduled to be hanged…. Lush with an abundance of gun-battles, escapes, murders and near-murders, this fast-paced story gathers momentum like a freight train and hurls readers into a climax involving no less than a full-scale riot in the streets of Edinburgh. The author's prose is consistently excellent, her characterizations vivid, and her familiarity with the Scottish landscape evident. This exciting, well-written novel will prove a welcome addition to any collection.

John Signoriello, "Junior High Up: 'The Lothian Run'," in School Library Journal (reprinted from the May, 1970 issue of School Library Journal, published by R. R. Bowker Co./A Xerox Corporation; copyright © 1970), Vol. 16, No. 9, May, 1970, p. 84.

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