(Maureen) Mollie Hunter (McIlwraith)

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Jane Yolen

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Subtitled "a novel of suspense," The Walking Stones is not really a mystery tale. Rather, in a deeper sense, this story of the flooding of a Highland glen by the electric company is about a mystery—the deep mystery of Celtic magic….

Unreal? Not in Mollie Hunter's crisply told tale. Readers, fantasy and fact lovers alike, will be caught up in the reality of unreality. As the Bodach says, "Magic is … something that happens when everything is right for it to happen." And in The Walking Stones the time, the prose, and the story are just right.

Jane Yolen, "Magic and Mystery: 'The Walking Stones'," in Book World—The Washington Post (© 1970 Postrib Corp.; reprinted by permission of Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post), November 10, 1970, p. 8.

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