Matthias Claudius Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Rowland, Herbert. "Matthias Claudius and C. M. Wieland." In Christoph Martin Wieland: North American Scholarly Contributions on the occasion of the 250th Anniversary of His Birth, edited by Hansjörg Schelle, pp.181-94. Tübingen: Max Niemever, 1984.

Surveys the views shared by Claudius ans C. M. Weiland, specifically by examining their reviews of each other' works and their correspondence.

——. "Eichendorff's Critical view of Claudius in Der Deutsche Roman des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts." Michigan Germanic Studies XI, No. 1 (spring 1985): 50-61.

Examines Joseph von Eichendroff's treatment of Claudius in his later criticism in an effort to elucidate Eichendorff's own religious view and Claudius's literary influence.

——. "Topical Conservatism and formal Radicality: The Fables and Verse Narratives of Matthias Claudius." Lessing Yearbook XVIII (1986): 151-77.

Claims that Claudius fuses idyllic portrayals of religion and nature with topical discussions of contemporary theology, philosophy, politics, and art.

——. "Matthias Claudius's Critical Don Quixote: A Footnote on cervantes in Eighteenth-Century Germany." Romance Notes XXIX, No. 1 (Fall 1988): 3-8.

Examines Claudius's "A Letter on the Notion of Writing a Critical Don Quixote" in an effort to illuminate Don Quixote's presence in eighteenth-century Germany and to provide insight into Friedrich Schlegel's conception of the novel.

Additional coverage of Claudius's life and career is contained in the following source published by The Gale Group: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 97.