Other literary forms

Though poetryprimarily Petrarchan sonnets, tercets, eclogues, and ottava rimawas his forte, Matteo Maria Boiardo (boh-YOR-doh) experimented freely with different forms of writing throughout his lively career. He translated such classical prose works as Xenophon’s Ellnika (date unknown; also known as Helenica; History of the Affairs of Greece, 1685) and Lucius Apuleius’s Metamorphoses (second century; The Golden Ass, 1566), though he concentrated more on story than style or accuracy. Late in life, in response to a renewed local interest in the comedies of Terence and Plautus, Boiardo attempted to write for the theater, producing his only known play, Il Timone (pb. c. 1487), which is considered inferior to his other work.