Describe the trick Matilda plays on her father and its consequences.

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Matilda plays a trick on her father in which she puts superglue in his hat. As a result, his hat is stuck to his head all day. The only way to get it off is for his wife to give him an unflattering haircut. This humiliation makes him less of a bully for about a week. Later, Matilda plays another trick on him and puts peroxide in his hair tonic so that his hair turns a dreadful shade of silver.

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Matilda gets upset that her father, a used car salesman, believes it is acceptable to cheat his clients as a means to get rich. To try to teach him a lesson, she puts superglue on his hat. When he puts it on, it gets stuck to his head. All day long, he has to wear his hat as he tries to sell cars. He finds the situation humiliating.

When he gets home, the only way Mrs. Wormwood can get the hat off is to cut his hair away from it in an unflattering manner. As a result of this experience, Mr. Wormwood becomes less of a bully for about a week.

In chapter 6, Matilda plays another trick on her father. She is angry at him because of his sexism: since she is a girl, he won't believe she is good at math. To get revenge on him, she replaces his hair tonic with his wife's peroxide. When he applies it to his hair, it turns it a ghastly silver metallic color.

At first, he doesn't realize what has happened, but when his wife screams at his appearance he becomes aware that something is wrong. Since he was very proud of his dark hair, this horrible color change is an embarrassing blow to his ego. This also takes the wind out of his pompous and self-satisfied personality for a short time.

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