In statistics if we're having an ogive graph what will be put in the X and Y axis? Is it the <CF? CF>? Class Mark? Class boundaries? Or Class Interval?

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An ogive is also called the cumulative frequency graph. It is important to note that there two types of ogive curves.

1. Less Than Ogive: This is the less than, the cumulative frequencies are in ascending order, meaning the cumulative frequency for each class is plotted against the upper limit of each class interval.

2. More Than Ogive: This type is the opposite of the aforementioned type of ogive. The cumulative frquencies are in descending order and the cumulative frequency of each class is plotted against the lower limit of class interval


To answer the question: 

Plot on the y axis: Cumulative frequency, it does not matter if it is the 'less than' or 'more than'. (Always read the question and make sure you can do both and be consitent)

Plot on the x axis: Class interval, if you are using the more than method use the lower limits of the class interval and vice versa for the less than method.

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