Solve for the variable and check answer.

A) `2/3x=1/15x+3/5`

B) `2+y/2=3/4y-3`

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A. `2/3x=1/15x + 3/5`

First, express the equation with whole numbers. To do so, multiply both sides by the LCD of the fractions which is 15.

`15*2/3x=(1/15x + 3/5)*15`

`15*2/3x=15*1/15x + 15*3/5`


Then, bring together the terms with x. So, subtract both sides by x.




Then, divide both sides by 9, to get x only at the left side of the equation.



To check, plug-in the value of x to the original equation.

2/3x =1/15x + 3/5



The LCD of the fractions at the left is 15. So multiply 3/5 by 3/3 to have a denominator of 15.



Now that the right side have the same denominators, proceed to add.


Reduce the fraction to its lowest term.

2/3=2/3   (True)

Hence, the solution is x=1.

(For the second equation, please post it as separate question in Homework Help.)

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