a rectangle page contains 50 square inches of print. The left and right margins are 1/2 inch and the margin at the top and bottom are 1 inch. Find the are of the whole page. 

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The aspect of the page is in the figure below attached.

 Let `x` and `y` be the length and the height of the page.

Then the total area of the page of print and margins is

`Area = xy +4*1*(1/2) +2*x*1 +2*y*(1/2) =50 +2 +2x +y`

`Area =52 +2x +y`

For a square page one has

` ` `50= xy = x^2` or equivalent `x =7.07 "inch"`

Therefore the area of a square page is

`Area = 52+2*7.07 +7.07 =73.21 " inch"`

For a general given rectangular page the area is `52+2x+y` where x and y are the linear dimensions of the print.

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