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Orr Protection of Kentucky lists a fire deterrent item for  $117 less 20%.  To improve sales, the net price of the item is reduced to $50.04. 

Round your final answers properly to two decimal places.

a)  What was the net price?

b)  How much was taken off the net price?

c)  What additional rate of discount was offered?

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You first need to find 20% of the original list price of $117.

  • ($117)(0.20) = $23.40

Because this is a discount you subtract this amount from the original list price.

  • $117 - $23.40 = $93.60

The company then decided to lower the price to $50.04 (a difference of $43.56).  In order to find the amount of the additional discount, you can use the equation $50.04 = (x%)($93.60)

  • x% = $50.04/$93.60 = 0.53461538 `~~` 53.46%

So, a) The net price is $93.60

      b)$43.56 was taken off of the net price

      c) The additional rate of discount offered `~~` 53.46%` `

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$117 less 20% is  117(.80) = 93.60

a) The net price is $93.60.

b)  `93.60 - 50.04 = 43.56`

    $43.56 was taken off the net price.

c) `93.60(x) = 50.04`

     `x = 50.04/93.6 ~~.534615`

An additional rate of 53.46% was offered.

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