Mike is mixing paint for his walls.  He mixes 1/6 gallon blue paint and 5/8 gallon green paint in the large container.  What fraction represents the total amount of paint mike mixes?

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Fraction of blue paint that Mike mixed `= 1/6`

Fraction of green paint that Mike Mixed `= 5/8`

Total fraction of paint Mike mixed `= 1/6+5/8`

Here we need to get a common denominator to add up there fractions.

Common denominator is  24 in this case.


Total fraction of paint Mike mixed

`= (1xx4)/(6xx4)+(5xx3)/(8xx3)`

`= (4+15)/24`

`= 19/24`

So total fraction of paint in the mix is `19/24` .

The rest `5/24` may be some other liquid like water or thinner.

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