Jason's neighborhood has an emergency water tank with a capacity of 10,500 L. How many mL of water does the tank hold?

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We know that 1000 milliliters make 1 liter.

We need to find 10,500 liters equal to how many milliliters(ml)

1 liter = 1000 ml

10,500 liters = `x` ml

by cross-multiplication we get, `1 x = 10,500 * 1000`

`x = 10,500,000 ml`

Hence the tank can hold `10,500,000 ml` of water.

To make the number simple lets rewrite the value in standard form.

`10,500,000 ml = 10.5 *10^6 ml`

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mL stands for milliliters. As usual, the prefix "milli" means "one thousandth" of the unit following it.

Any quantity contains one thousand of its thousandths. So does liter,  1 L = 1000 mL. Therefore x liters = 1000x mL. In our case x=10,500, so 1000x = 10,500,000 (add three zeros at the end).

It is possible also to express this number in the standard form to reduce the number of zeros in the expression: 10,500,100 = `1.05*10^7.`

So the answer: 10,500 L = 10,500,000 mL = `1.05*10^7` mL.


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