how would i find the equation for a description of the variables in words

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You need to determine how to translate a word problem inot an equation, hence, the first step is to identify what is the amount you need to find. After identification of this amount, you may assign a variable to it (usually the letter x). Then you need to identify the relation the variable x has with respect to given known amounts. The relation identified is the equation you need to solve to evaluate the variable x.

Consider the following example, such that: When 2 is added to three times a number, the result is 29. What is the number?

Assign to the variable x to the number you need to evaluate and write down the equation that puts in relation the variable x and the given values, such that:

`2 + 3x = 29`

Solve this equation for x, such that:

`3x = 29 - 2 => 3x = 27 => x = 27/3 => x = 9`

Hence, evaluating the variable x, under the given conditions, yields x = 9.

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