How to mutiply fractions?

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If you have mixed numbers, like 3  1/2 x 4  1/3, then you have to make those improper fractions first, then multiply straight across.  Such as:

3  1/2 x 4  1/3 = 7/2 * 13/3 = (7*13)/(2*3) = 91/6.  If your teacher requires mixed numbers for the answer, then you do that division:

91 `-:` 6 = 15 r1 = 15  1/6

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For example:


To multiply fractions, multiply the top numbers (numerators). Also, multiply the bottom numbers (denominators).


Before multiplying them, cancel common factors between numerators and denominators. Since the numerator 3 and denominator 27 are multiples of 3, then cancel the factor 3.

`= (1xx2)/(5xx9)`

Now that the common factors are cancelled, proceed to multiply. And the resulting product is already in simplified form.


Hence, `3/5xx2/27 =2/45` .

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