If the devision is a reversing of "times"(×)

what is the meaning of 9÷0=?

today my brother got the math HW, he states that if 9÷0=0 it means that 0×0=9.

(Actually i told him that the " something times is a reverse of division")

could you please explain why it can be 0×0=9 or not.

Expert Answers

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The result of `9/0` is not 0 but infinity. `9/0 = oo` . Though this does not imply that `0*oo = 9` . Division by 0 is a unique case of division.

Think of it this way, when you divide any number X by another number Y, the value of `X/Y` becomes larger as Y becomes smaller in magnitude as X is essentially being divided into a smaller number of parts. The smallest value that Y can take on is 0 and the result `X/Y` in this case becomes a very large value that is referred to as infinity.

Any number divided by 0 gives the same result, infinity.

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