The CEO Of McDonald's Don Johnson, was paid $13.8 million in 2012. Assuming that one eats a burger for every meal and that one eats three meals every day, how long would it take to eat the total number of burgers that Mr Johnson could buy?

How many $3.50 burgers could Mr. Johnson purchase with his yearly pay? 

2.based on his yearly salary how much money does CEO Johnson earn every second?

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Don Johnson has $13.8m and he purchases and eats 3 burgers per day based on his ability to spend 13.8m on burgers alone. 

The burgers cost $3.50 which enables him to buy

`13800000/3.5= 3942857.143`  burgers. As he eats whole burgers, ignore the fraction.

Eating 3 per day: `3942857/3=1314285.667`  days

There are 365 days in a year `1314286 =3600.78`  years.

Due to rounding off and due to the fact that some years have 366 days, there would be some possible variations. The answer has been provided based on number of complete years.  


Being in a position to purchase 3 942 857 burgers, it would take approximately 3600 years to consume them all.  

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