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alexa paid $9,648 dollars for rent, electricity, and cable for the the period of one year. if rent was $686 per month, and electricity was $52 per month, how much per month was cable? the answer is $66.00 but show me how i can get the answer for this problem

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Total expenses for the year are $9648 for rent, electricity, and cable for 1 year.

If rent is $686 per month, and their are 12 months in 1 year, rent for the year would be `12 *686 = 8232.`

Therefore, this is $8232 per year in rent.

Next multiply the electricity by 12 to get:

`12* 52 = 624`

Now if we subtract rent and electricity for the year from 9,648, this gives us:

`9648 - 8232 - 624 = 792`

Therefore this leaves $792 for the cable bill.  Divide 792 by 12 months to determine how much for each month.

`792-: 12 = 66`

Therefore this gives $66 a month for the cable bill.

To complete as 1 equation we could let x = cable bill and have the equation:

`12(686) + 12(52) + 12x = 9648` Solve for x.

`x = 66.`

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