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What exactly would you like to do with 9x - 2y =11?

You can graph it. That's what I assume you would like to do with it. In order to graph the equation, you can set up a T-chart or you can find the x and y intercepts, or you can solve for y and use the y-intercept and slope.

I am going to solve for y and use the y-intercept and slope. Keep in mind that no matter which way you choose, you should always get the same line graphed.

You want to get y all by itself on the left side of the equation.

9x - 2y = 11

-9x         -9x


-2y = 11 - 9x

divide through by -2


y = -5.5 + 4.5x

Rearrange to put x first, and change to fractions.


y = (9/2)x - 5_1/2

The number in front of x will be your slope (rise over run). The number out by itself (the constant) is your y-intercept. The first thing is to plot the y-intercept, -5_1/2. Start at the origin, (0,0). Go down to -5_1/2 on the y-axis. That will be your first point. From that point, you will mark 2 more using your slope. You need to go up 9 from your y-intercept and then to the right 2. Make a mark there. From that new point, go up 9 and to the right 2 again. You should have made 3 points that form a line. If not, go back and count again. Sometimes it is easy to mess things up there.

Remember that you start at the y-intercept! Start there and use your slope to make 2 more points.

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