The Master Puppeteer

by Katherine Paterson

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In The Master Puppeteer, what are Jiro's character traits?

Expert Answers

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In The Master Puppeteer Jiro is a thoughtful character and he is resourceful. During difficult times he chooses to leave home to become an apprentice at the Hananza puppeteering school so that he might be fed even if he doesn't earn any money for his apprenticeship. Another way that he shows his resourcefulness is by stealing the script that has been denied to the apprentices so that he might fuflill his responsibility to learn it.

Jiro is also wise for his age and understands the difficult lesson of why and how manipulation is a double-edged sword and that the only control for good to be produced from manipulation is to live by the old samurai code of selflessness, which is the opposite of being self-serving.

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