Questions and Answers: Chapter 1

1. What is for sale at the stand with the sign “Beer and Soft Drinks”?

2. Why is Berlioz upset with Ivan Homeless’ poem about Jesus Christ?

3. What nations do Berlioz and Ivan think the Professor comes from?

4. Who does the Professor predict will kill Berlioz?

5. How does the Professor describe himself?

1. The stand has no seltzer or beer for sale, only warm apricot soda.

2. Berlioz says the poem presents Jesus as a living person when it should present him as someone who never existed.

3. Berlioz thinks the Professor comes from Germany, then France, and Ivan thinks he comes from England, then Poland.

4. The Professor predicts a Russian woman who belongs to the Komsomol will kill Berlioz.

5. The Professor describes himself as a polyglot who knows “a great number of languages,” “a specialist in black magic,” a historian, and perhaps a German.

Questions and Answers: Chapter 2

1. Why does Pontius Pilate fear he will have “a bad day”?

2. What happens to Yeshua after he calls Pilate a “good man”?

3. What is Yeshua’s reaction to the writings of Matthew Levi?

4. How does Yeshua say he entered Yershalaim?

5. Why does Pilate squint his eyes as he mounts the platform?

1. Pilate fears he will have a bad day because he has been pursued by the smell of rose oil since dawn.

2. Pilate has Mark Ratslayer beat Yeshua with a whip and tell him to call Pilate Hegemon and stand at attention.

3. Yeshua claims he has said none of the things Levi has attributed to him, and he asks Levi to burn his writings.

4. He says he entered Yershalaim “by the Susa gate, but on foot, accompanied only by Matthew Levi” and no one recognized him as he entered.

5. Pilate squints his eyes because he does “not want to see the group of condemned men” being brought to the platform.

Questions and Answers: Chapters 3-4

1. Who is the last person Berlioz sees before he dies?

2. What is the Professor’s reply to Ivan’s question, “[W]ho are you”?

3. Who does Ivan think the Choirmaster is?

4. Where does Ivan realize he will find the Professor?

5. When Ivan comes out of the Moscow River, what does he find in place of his clothes?

1. The last person Berlioz sees is the citizen who had formed “himself out of the thick swelter” earlier, a man with checkered trousers, a small mustache, and tiny eyes.

2. The Professor’s reply is “no understand… no speak Russian.”

3. Ivan thinks the Choirmaster is in partnership with the Professor and is trying to keep Ivan from catching the Professor.

4. Ivan realizes he will find the Professor in house 13, apartment 47.

5. Ivan finds “a pair of striped drawers, the torn Tolstoy blouse, the candle, the icon and a box of matches.”

Questions and Answers: Chapters 5-6

1. How is Griboedov’s restaurant described?

2. What two things happen exactly at midnight?

3. Where is the psychiatric clinic?

4. What does Ivan denounce Riukhin as?

5. What measure does Ivan take to catch the Professor?

1. Griboedov’s restaurant is described as being richly decorated, having a select clientele, and offering top-quality food for reasonable prices.

2. The twelve writers go down to Griboedov’s restaurant, and the Griboedov’s jazz band starts playing.

3. The psychiatric clinic is “on the outskirts of Moscow by the bank of the river.”

4. Ivan denounces Riukhin as “a little kulak carefully disguising himself as a proletarian.”

5. Ivan uses a small candle and the icon to catch the Consultant.

Questions and Answers: Chapters 7-8

1. What began happening two years ago at apartment 50?

2. Why does Styopa have trouble speaking?

3. How much is Woland to be paid for his performances of black magic?

4. Where does Styopa find himself after leaving apartment 50?

5. What does Dr. Stravinsky believe will happen to Ivan if he goes to the police?

1. Two years ago, people began disappearing from apartment 50 without a trace.

2. Styopa has trouble speaking because “at each word, someone stuck a needle into his brain, causing infernal pain.”

3. Woland is to be paid 10,000 rubles up front, “as an advance on the...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 9-10

1. Who is Bosoy?

2. How much does Koroviev pay to rent apartment 50?

3. What does Rimsky think of the black magic show?

4. What does Varenukha hear when he calls the Likhodeev apartment?

5. Why does Varenukha stop on his way to deliver the telegrams?

1. Bosoy is the “chairman of the tenants’ association of no. 302-bis on Sadovaya Street in Moscow,” Berlioz’s former residence.

2. Koroviev pays five thousand rubles to rent apartment 50.

3. He completely dislikes the black magic show and is “surprised he’s been allowed to present it.”

4. Varenukha hears “a...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 11-12

1. What is Ivan worried about as he starts to write his statement about the Consultant?

2. How is Georges Bengalsky described?

3. What is the first trick Fagott performs?

4. What does Woland say about the audience?

5. What does Fagott say Sempleyarov did the previous night?

1. Ivan is worried that if he describes Berlioz as being deceased it might lead the clinic to “take him for a madman.”

2. Georges Bengalsky is described as plump, wearing “a rumpled tailcoat and none-too-fresh shirt,” and with a clean-shaven face.

3. The first trick Fagott performs is to flip a deck of cards...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 13

1. What things upset Ivan’s guest?

2. What languages does Ivan’s guest know?

3. What did Ivan’s guest know the end of his novel would be?

4. What was the title of Latunsky’s article on Ivan’s guest?

5. How did Ivan’s guest get to the clinic?

1. Ivan’s guest is upset by noise, violence, and, in particular, people’s cries.

2. Ivan’s guest knows Russian, English, French, German, Latin, and Greek.

3. “The fifth procurator of Judea, the equestrian Pontius Pilate.”

4. The title of Latunsky’s article was “A Militant Old Believer.”

5. Ivan’s...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 14-15

1. How has Varenukha’s appearance changed?

2. What interrupts the dead woman?

3. Who are the members of the audience in Bosoy’s dream?

4. What was Dunchil hiding in his mistress’ apartment?

5. What does the artist say about the human eye?

1. Varenukha now has a pale, chalk-like pallor on his face, and his eyes display furtiveness and cowardliness.

2. The crowing of a cock in the garden interrupts the dead woman.

3. All the members of the audience are bearded men.

4. Dunchil was hiding “Eighteen thousand dollars and a necklace worth forty thousand in gold.”


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Questions and Answers: Chapters 16-17

1. Where is Matthew Levi during the execution of the three men?

2. How does Matthew Levi get his bread knife?

3. What does Matthew Levi do with his bread knife?

4. What forces the employees of the affiliate for city spectacles to sing?

5. What does the bookkeeper find when he opens his bundle at the cash deposit window?

1. Matthew Levi sits on a stone under a sickly fig tree on the north side of the mountain during the execution of the three men.

2. Matthew Levi takes his bread knife from the counter of a bread shop in Yershalaim.

3. Matthew Levi uses his bread knife to cut the ropes...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 18

1. Why does Poplavsky go to Moscow?

2. How does Poplavsky respond to Koroviev when he says the cat sent Poplavsky the telegram?

3. How is the man who asks Poplavsky about the location of apartment 50 described?

4. What is the girl in apartment 50 wearing?

5. How much money does Woland say the barman has?

1. Poplavsky goes to Moscow to try to get occupancy of Berlioz’s apartment.

2. Poplavsky goggles his eyes in disbelief when he hear the cat send him the telegram.

3. The man who asks Poplavsky about the location of apartment 50 is tiny and elderly, “with an extraordinarily...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 19-20

1. Who is Margarita married to?

2. How does Margarita interpret her dream of the master?

3. When does Azazello encounter Margarita?

4. What are Azazello’s instructions to Margarita?

5. What does Margarita do with her shift?

1. Margarita is married to Nikolai Ivanovich, “a very prominent specialist” who has made a very important discovery.

2. Margarita interprets her dream of the master to mean that he is either dead, and she will die soon to join him, or he is alive, and they “will see each other very soon!”

3. Azazello encounters Margarita just after she says she’d pawn her...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 21-22

1. Where does Latunsky live?

2. How does Margarita realize she is flying very rapidly?

3. What does the hog carry with him?

4. How were three rooms changed into six?

5. What is Abaddon’s appearance?

1. Latunsky lives in apartment 84 of the “House of Dramatists and Literary Workers.”

2. Margarita realizes she is flying very rapidly once she looks down and sees two rows of lights quickly vanish beneath her.

3. The hog carries a briefcase in his front hoofs, a pince-nez on a string, and a hat.

4. Three rooms were changed into six by dividing one room of a three-room...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 23

1. What is Margarita washed in?

2. What does the cat think is the worst job in the world?

3. What did Frieda do with her handkerchief?

4. What happens to Berlioz’s head?

5. What does Woland say Baron Miegel is being accused of?

1. Margarita is first washed in blood, then in rose oil.

2. The cat thinks being a tram conductor is the worst job in the world.

3. Frieda used her handkerchief to choke her newborn boy.

4. The flesh of Berlioz’s head turns dark and shriveled, then falls off in pieces, and its eyes disappear.

5. Woland says “wicked tongues” are...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 24

1. What target does Azazello shoot at?

2. What does Margarita think she will do if she gets out of Woland’s apartment?

3. What does Woland say about mercy?

4. Where is the master’s manuscript?

5. Where does Annushka hide the diamond-studded horseshoe and napkin?

1. Azazello shoots at the upper right-hand pip in the seven of spades.

2. Margarita thinks she will drown herself in the river if she gets out of Woland’s apartment.

3. Woland says mercy “sometimes creeps, quite unexpectedly and perfidiously, through the narrowest cracks.”

4. The master’s manuscript is on...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 25

1. When do the sun’s rays return to Yershalaim?

2. What does Pilate’s guest say “can be guaranteed in this world”?

3. What, according to Yeshua, is one of the first among human vices?

4. Where does Judas of Kiriath work?

5. When does Pilate notice the sun has set?

1. The sun’s rays return to Yershalaim just as Pilate’s visitor appears on the balcony.

2. Pilate’s guest says “the power of great Caesar” is the only thing that “can be guaranteed in this world.”

3. Yeshua says cowardice is one of the first among human vices.

4. Judas of Kiriath “works in...

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Questions and Answers: Chapter 26

1. What does Niza say is the reason she decided to go out of town?

2. What does Judas see above the temple?

3. In Pilate’s dream, what does he think of the execution of Yeshua?

4. Where did Matthew Levi take Yeshua’s body?

5. What position does Pilate offer Matthew Levi?

1. She says she decided to go out of town because she would have been bored if Judas came to her house.

2. Judas sees “two gigantic five-branched candlesticks” blaze above the temple.

3. In Pilate’s dream, he thinks the execution of Yeshua never happened because Yeshua is walking beside Pilate, and because...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 27-28

1. How did Dr. Stravinsky cure the staff from involuntarily singing “Glorious Sea”?

2. What did the investigator conclude about Berlioz’s death?

3. What does the cat do after saying it’s time for him to go?

4. What does the cat say about Dostoevsky?

5. What happens when the three men shoot at Koroviev and the cat?

1. Dr. Stravinsky cured the staff of involuntarily singing “Glorious Sea” by giving them subcutaneous injections.

2. The investigator concluded Berlioz threw “himself under the tram-car while hypnotized.”

3. The cat hurls his Browning, knocks out the two window...

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 29-32

1. What does Matthew Levi say of the master?

2. What will the storm do?

3. What does Margarita say she likes?

4. What does Woland tell Koroviev to avoid?

5. What will Margarita do once the master falls asleep in his eternal home?

1. Matthew Levi says the master “does not deserve the light, he deserves peace.”

2. The storm “will complete all that needs completing.”

3. Margarita says she likes “quickness and nakedness.”

4. Woland tells Koroviev to avoid inflicting any injuries.

5. Margarita says she will always be with him, watching over his sleep.

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Questions and Answers: Epilogue

1. Who has died as a result of the visit of Woland and his companions?

2. What happened to black cats after Woland left?

3. What do the investigators learn about the master?

4. What has happened to Georges Bengalsky?

5. What is Ivan’s new job?

1. Berlioz and Baron Meigel die because of Woland’s visit.

2. Approximately one hundred blacks cats were killed, and about another dozen were badly disfigured.

3. The investigators fail to learn why the master was abducted, and they never learn his last name.

4. Georges Bengalsky has lost much of his gaiety and retired from his job...

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